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Willemijn ter Hart flowerstories

My name is Willemijn and I'm a flower lover, as you presumably already noticed.


I started out as a magazine maker in 2007 at countryside magazine Seasons. I love combining words and images to create stories for magazines, books, websites, blogs and brands. To start with an idea and work from there to a beautiful designed media product is a very satisfying process for me. Working together with people from all disciplines makes it even more valuable and ads a lot of joy to the ride.

When my friend Albertine asked me to style flowers for her wedding, my path changed forever. From that moment on I knew my creative material of choice would be FLOWERS. 

After learning a lot at a floral boutique in Amsterdam and absorbing everything about floral history, growing, styling and writing about flowers, you can say it's becoming a very colorful way of life.

A floral interest for a lifetime.   


My blog FLOWERSTORIES is a place where my flower world comes together, to inspire you to live amongst flowers in a natural organic way.

So, let's talk 'slow' flowers!  

"I believe people will 
live a fullfilling life, when they experience real beauty" Willemijn
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